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Making the Trailer for the PHOTOGRAPHICS Film:


EXposed was our first full length adventure education film and it exceeded all expectations for us. I wanted to hit the road again and make something that rivaled the quality and the value of EXposed. That’s how PHOTOGRAPHICS came to be. EXposed focused on the science. This film would focus on the art, the history and the things that were not so easy to pin down.

We hit the road in the Super Camper for three months of travel and I started to work on the project. It was more organized that EXposed since I had the experience of with a full length educational feature. From the start I thought about how we could pre-sell and getting a trailer finished was top priority so we could try getting the ball rolling. It took till about two thirds through our trip till we had enough footage to make it come alive. I wanted a trailer without a stitch of stock footage that would showcase what we wanted to do with PHOTOGRAPHICS.

I produced this entirely on the road from a laptop, sitting in a camper – Not the easiest way to take on serious production, but it worked and I feel it’s one of the most beautiful promos we’ve done. We put the project on Kickstarter with this promo and it met funding. We didn’t get rich, but we paid bills from the trip and have an excited list of buyers waiting for us to finish the film this Fall. We also take pre-orders on the site now that the initial funding phase has passed. PHOTOGRAPHICS is shaping up to be another winner and we’re excited to show the final product. Once again, a good promo sold the show.


New Cinema Gear at Opera Chicken – Testing the C100


We have a brand new camera here and it’s going to help us take things to a new level. Now I’m the first to say that a camera does not make an artists anymore than a chisel makes you Michelangelo. But quality gear does help an experienced crew work that better and produce more.

We picked up the Canon C100 Cinema Camera along with a new Sennheiser wireless system for sound. We had loaned the C100 for a week and did some testing with it making the reel you see above. We simply fell for it. I love good detail and control and compared to the DLSR video we were producing this was at a new level.

The C100 beats digital SLR video not only in the simple things like ergonomics, menu features and bigger things like focus control, but it blows it away in terms of fine image quality. This camera offers us cinema grade footage and in turn we can offer that to our clients for projects. We’re taking it to the next level here at Opera Chicken and we hope you’ll follow along.


The C100 takes our existing Canon glass which gives us camera versatility

The C100 takes our existing Canon glass which gives us camera versatility

Promo Reel – Wall Portrait Conference


This promo reel was done for Ken Whitmire, one of my portraits mentors. It’s was one of our early promo projects and showcases his renown Wall Portrait Conference, a workshop that teaches photographers how to produce wall portraits like the ones we make here at Seim Studios. I’ve been to WPC many times and was honored to produce this for Ken, as well as to be in the promo myself. But without further adieu. Here’ is the WPC video… Gav