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A Trailer for Seim Effects Photo Tools – Promo Reel


This is a project we just finished with footage that spans a lot of miles. You know we love to travel – I like to keep promos a bit fun and visually interesting at the same time, especially the longer ones. This one almost hits the four minute mark, but by changing the scenery and making it light hearted yet direct I think we accomplished the goal we needed for for the Seim Effects brand.

Promo Reel for Seim Effects – ColorFlow Presets


ColorFlow was the second Aperture presets collection that Seim Effects Tools was going to be offering. Back in the days of that first set, we were not using full production promos, but it was easily determined that we should not cut corners for this new release. It was another reel filmed on location from the road using changing scenes. Much of the outdoor footage was film in California near Clear lake. We that if mixed well, changing scenes throughout a promo gives a great visual interest.

This promo is slightly different as we combined it with a tutorial video. I don’t expect you to watch the whole thing, but you’ll see the first three minutes is a regular promo film. Added on to the end of it as a screen cast showcasing the use of the product. This was done so we could feature a single video for the product. It’s a bit different as we normally separate the two. It would still be quite easy to make them separate but it’s been working well and the product has been a success.