About Opera Chicken Films


– Story Reel, The Naming of Opera Chicken –


A Local Studio with Unusually High Standards:

Opera Chicken Films is a cinema production company in Central Washington State that operates around in the USA. It was founded by Gavin Seim of Seim Studios after over decade of experience and industry recognition in visuals, wall art, writing and producing tools for image makers. Our goal is making beautiful promos and films without over the top expenses or oversize crews. Gavin’s award winning understanding of light and tonal values give Opera Chicken a unique edge in producing stunning visuals without big budgets.

The idea for Opera Chicken films goes way back to Gavin’s youth, but the concept came to life when Seim Studios started making promo films for their own products, workshops and finally produced EXposed, a photographic workshop about light that was filmed in breathtaking locations around the West. EXposed won the coveted 2013 HOT ONE award from Professional Photographers of America and was followed by PHOTOGRAPHICS, Gavin’s new film on photography, art and history.

Seeing how underused video was for among fellow artists and commercial companies selling products and services, Gavin decided to take their film projects to the next level and start offering full production services that would help companies better connect with customers. To see the latest work and examples visit The Journal or Contact Us to see how we can make your project come to life.